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How to copy a multiselect dropdown list values from a module to another?

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on May 20, 2015
Hi everyone,

I finally took the jump and created my first thread! I looked around the web and the forums but couldn't find any satisfactory answers... so far! I'm on Sugar (going to upgrade to very soon)

Here's my problem:
I have a multiselect dropdown list (for accounts industry) in my Accounts module. For some reasons that I won't argue, my team wants to find that info directly available within the Tasks module. 

I tried to create a calculated field. It works but not quite.... 

1. If I use the following formula: related($accounts,"my_field_name"))

I get the values but in English. My version of SugarCRM is in French. Therefore, I need the translated values. 

2. I tried this: getDropdownValue("industry_dom",related($accounts,"my_field_name"))

Nothing shows up. 

3. If I use a single option dropdown list and use the following formula: getDropdownValue("industry_dom",related($accounts,"my_field_name"))

I get the translated values without any issues. 

As a conclusion, I can get the translated values of a dropdown list provided that the list is a single choice list. But I'm completely stuck when it comes to multiselect dropdown lists.

If anyone around here has an idea, that would be amazing. :)

Thanks in advance for your help!