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How to allow a user to view the tasks created by himself and his assigned tasks?

Question asked by Cesar Fernandez Urdinguio on May 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by Muhammad Shaji Uddin

[] This is our situation :

    When a user creates a Task or a Case, for us, this is as doing
    an question to another user, so the Task or the Case will be
    assigned to another user different of the creator user.

    We need that the two user, that is, the creator and the "assigned to",
    both of them  be able to see the Task or the Case.

[] An idea could be....
   In the Role Management we have a dropdown list of options available
   to allos for ( All, Owner, Not Set, None ).  
   The Owner option allow view the item to the assigned user not the creator user.
   An Idea would be modify the "code" in order to modify the funcionality of 
   the option "Owner" in order to allow to see both user.
   But, we don ́t know where we could modify this behavior.

If you have another idea/solution could you share with us ??

Thanks in advance,