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How do I handle multiple files in ./custom/Extension/modules//Ext/Language folder that redefine the same label?

Question asked by Amy Cox on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by Amy Cox
I assume when Module Loader is used to make changes/additions to the Language fields that it creates a file in ./custom/Extension/modules/module_name/Ext/Language folder.  Problem before I took charge of our CRM system there were many files in here that just overwrote the last language file field definitions.

  The language filed updates are no longer uninstallable in Module Loader. What is the best way to clean this up?  Most say  'FILE IS AUTOGENERATED,  DO NOT MODIFY', will there be a problem with cleaning these up.  

The problem this causes is right now the ./custom/modules/module_name/Ext/Language is a copy of all the files in ./custom/Extention/modules/module_name/Ext/Language/ file in what ever order it feels like at the time.  The last file copied that defines the field name is the winner label, whether it is the right one or not.

FYI, right now I commit changes I make to GITHUB and pull those changes to the next environment instead of using Module Loader. (I can do this, because I am in-charge of customizing only on one SugarCRM system)