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Cannot see my Emails in My Archived Emails

Question asked by Rolustech Rolustech on May 14, 2015
In Sugar's Email module, when a new Email is arrived, I can see this in my inbox folder but in my archived email folder I cannot see it. I tried to debug it. I found a check in include/SugarFolders/sugarFolders.php where query is generated for fetching emails table.

if($this->is_dynamic) {
   $r = $this->db->limitQuery(from_html($this->generateSugarsDynamicFolderQuery() . $order), $start, $pageSize);
  } else {
   // get items and iterate through them
   $q = "SELECT ,, emails.date_sent, emails.status, emails.type, emails.flagged, emails.reply_to_status, emails_text.from_addr, emails_text.to_addrs, 'Emails' polymorphic_module FROM emails JOIN folders_rel = folders_rel.polymorphic_id" .
           $this->addTeamSecurityClause() .
      " JOIN emails_text on = emails_text.email_id
                  WHERE folders_rel.folder_id = '{$folderId}' AND folders_rel.deleted = 0 AND emails.deleted = 0";
   if ($this->is_group) {
    $q = $q . " AND (emails.assigned_user_id is null or emails.assigned_user_id = '')";
   $r = $this->db->limitQuery($q . $order, $start, $pageSize);

In this check $this->is_dynamic is true .
Please help me what does this check mean and why i cannot see my emails in the archived folder?