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Marketo Connector Sync mistake - how to I revert back?

Question asked by sonesay inthavong on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by sonesay inthavong
I've used the manifest file to create fields for both leads and contacts and installed this in the module loader.  I've been copying the example fields in the documentation but forgot to correct the default value from true to false or null. There are many fields but I think the problem is affecting mainly checkboxs and text fields where null or '' values from marketo get resaved as 1 or true.

This has corrupted all leads in the Marketo database and I need a way to undo this. What options are available to revert the changes back during the sync? At this point the data would be useless as everything is marked as 1 or true in marketo.

I have a save backup of the CRM before the sync was done if thats of any use to help fix the issue.

Please help! Been stressing out since the big screw up earlier today.