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Stability of the environment

Question asked by Marek Prorok on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Marek Prorok
Hallo, I am using SugarCRM for couple of days. I am fascinated by its functionality, but little bit worried about stability.

Pls can anyone explain to me what can cause the following problems:

All of a sudden (without me changing any settings, after one week of testing), I couldnt see weekly and daily schedule in my calendar. When I slightly changed the size of the browser window, the calendar frame appeared, but I still couldnt use the "create activity" modul - it simply didnt load.

At the same moment, in my e-mail setting, new folder appeared "home" / above my original folders /My Name/Inbox. As a result of this I couldnt use the "check mail" button (only on the right click above the inbox. But I didnt add this "home" folder.

When I was giving up and trying to check other crm system, all of a sudden the home folder dissapeared and the calendar module and "create activity" modul is functioning again - without me touching anything.

Can you tell me what can be behind such a magic? I need stability in my crm. Thanks a lot for your advice!

I am using Version 6.5.16 (Build 1082) - czech version