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How can I get the user's other phone number in phone.js

Question asked by HolgerSchmidt on May 7, 2015
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I need to change the callto-URL displayed for phone numbers in the views in Sugar

I found out how to do this by editing \clients\base\fields\phone\list.hbs, and it works well for the phone number of the contacts in the list.

But I also need to add the logged in user's phone number, because the URL needs this argument.

For this, I have edited \clients\base\fields\phone\phone.js and added this line:
this.userPhone = app.user.get("phone_other");

Unfortunatley, I does not give back a value, the variable stays empty.

I thested with "this.userPhone = app.user.get("user_name");" - this works well, I get the user name of the user logged in.

How can I change the api call to get the user's other phone number?

Thanks for your help!