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SugarCRM mobile enable/disable modules

Question asked by Adam Hodgkinson on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Adam Hodgkinson

I am trying to change the modules that are viewable in the mobile app.

As admin, I go to admin> mobile, change enable/disable modules as required and save. However these changes are not published through to the mobile app.

As an example, I need notes to display in the app, however, I cannot get this module to be visible despite having it "enabled" in the mobile admin. 

Irrespective of what appears in the enable/disable columns, the same modules appear in the app.
  • accounts
  • calls
  • contacts
  • leads 
  • meetings
  • opportunities
  • reports
  • tasks
Any advice here would be appreciated.

I have read the bug item regarding offline issues when enabling modules, however, the work arounds have not provided a result.

App version -
Server version - Pro