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How to pass relate field to a view?

Question asked by Usman Saeed on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Usman Saeed
Hi All,

I need help in a problem.
My scenario is like that.
User will enter Contact "ID number" on a order form (Custom Module).
1. If that matches with ID number in contact it will display the Contact details on the form.
2. If ID not matches than it will show the create contact screen.
First one is working fine. But when no ID matches, I am able to open the Create contact screen.
User can create contact and it is saving but it is not populating the relate field back on Order form.
I am using a relate field on the Order form for contacts.

My code for opening the create contact view is like that.{layout:'create-actions',context:{create:true,module:'Contacts',relate:true}});

I know, I need to pass the contact relate field here. But don't know, how to pass?
If someone can help, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,