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journey from first contact to provision of service (active customer) some explanation needed

Question asked by Matthew Jessop on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by jsmith
Hi guys im new to the whole CRM Marketing to sales method. im setting this up as i have a very large list i have acquired and i want to keep track of what said etc. what i am struggling to understand is at what stage i should convert them to a lead / opportunity / account. when Ive 
been trying to familiarize myself with sugar i would of thought that 
once you had a lead you would then discuss projects to create 
opportunities which would then be converted into active customers 
(accounts?) but accounts need to be created before you can register an opportunity. and you cant register an opportunity from a lead. . . . a 
little guidance or a pointer in the right direction would be greatly 
appreciated :)