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Sugar 7: How do I create and link records from custom module?

Question asked by Kristopher Kristopher on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Kristopher Kristopher
Hey I'm using SugarCRM 7.5.1 Pro,
my task is to create custom module - Orders. This module is linked one-to-many with Products module (some module). I must be able to add products when I create Order.  This is somehow similar to Quotes module.

I have created modules described above and linked them together in studio, and I have created custom view in Orders module record view and create-actions view for adding the products. Added products I store in module's "context" attribute as a new object.

All what I want to do for now is to create products and link them to the order when the "create/save" is pressed.

How can I do it?
And can it be done in create-actions view just right after the Orders record is saved, so I could link products to newly created order?

SugarCRM is new to me, so I hope for some guidance, I have invested much time to get to this point, I tried to read all Sidecars source code to solve the problem and of course I learned mutch despite the fact I didn't understand a half of it, but I guess not enough :)

ps. I added a screenshot of my Order's create-actions view sketch.