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QRR on load-balanced Sugar app instances

Question asked by dshackith on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by dshackith
We are setup to load-balance multiple instances of our Sugar app behind a load balancer. We use CI/CD tools to deploy code base to a fresh image (AMI) every time we deploy, so part of the deployment process is to run a repair on each instance to recreate the Ext and other auto-generated files. We have noticed that when we scale to 2+ instances, we end up with problems with metadata on the client and the following errors are thrown:

An exception happened: ( 412: metadata_out_of_date)Your metadata or user hash did not match the server. Please resync your metadata.

The interface will continually reload for all users.

Anyone have experience with multiple Sugar instances in a single install (same DB etc.) for load balancing, and handling QRR on multiple instances?