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CE Version 6.5.15 (Build 1083) - google apps email error

Question asked by Camilo Covaria on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by Camilo Covaria

I ́m having this problem and would really appreciate if someone can help me:

I have been trying to configure my google apps email account with sugarcrm without success, I ́ve checked the stmp settings with the people on google (, P: 465, authentication SSL, username and pw checked several times) but that doesn ́t seem to be the problem, when i test the account I get:

Error:The following From address failed:

i ́ve checked on my server log and I see this error

PHP Notice:  Undefined index: dd25648a-3caf-3be4-d43d-50608d2cd740 in .../crm/modules/Emails/EmailUIAjax.php on line 879

and inside that .php on the 879 line:

    $sort = $sortArray[$_REQUEST['ieId']][$_REQUEST['mbox']]['current']['sort'];

but that far is how i can get, I just don ́t know what to do with that info.