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elasticsearch problem, again !

Question asked by Uwe Degenhardt on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by jsmith
Tue Apr 28 14:00:39 2015 [29048][d899eab6-8a77-b4a9-8f17-5437f81fa59b][FATAL] Unable to index bean: Elastica\Exception\Connectio
Tue Apr 28 14:00:39 2015 [29048][d899eab6-8a77-b4a9-8f17-5437f81fa59b][ERROR] Operation timed out
Tue Apr 28 14:00:39 2015 [29048][d899eab6-8a77-b4a9-8f17-5437f81fa59b][FATAL] Full Text Search has been disabled because the sys
tem is not able to connect to the search engine.

I am extremely unhappy with the elasticsearch integration. We have sugar 7.2.1 Pro
All tests in the backend passed well. But global search simply isn't be working at all.
I wish to have a troubleshooting-wizard for ES-issues. ES is really time consuming in support.
We use ES 0.90.x