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Info needed on "free trial" version

Question asked by Alex Regan on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by jsmith
Hi, I have a fedora20 system and would like to try the latest version of SugarCRM. "Free trial" implies it only works for a limited time or has some significant limitation that's going to prevent me from using it for a longer term. Is that correct?

I'm trying to set up a basic CRM for one or two sales people to use to track customer and lead activity. I'm not even sure if it warrants the $40/mo price for the commercial version at this point.

What are the functionality limitations of the free version? Can I download it as an RPM? Is it difficult to set up?

I have quite a bit of administration experience, but not a lot of time to do it. So, not only am I not sure I want to commit to a subscription version, I also would like to be able to set it up quickly and begin using it.

Any ideas on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.