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Documentation for sugarcrm enterprise v10 rest Filter Arguments?

Question asked by noah on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by noah
Need some help understanding the filter arguments:

$filter_arguments = array(
    "filter" =&gt; array(<br>        array(              '$or' =&gt; array(                  array(                      //name starts with 'a'                      "name" =&gt; array(                          '$starts'=&gt;"a",                      )                  ),                  array(                      //or name is equal to 'My Account'                      "name" =&gt; 'My Account'                  )              ),          ),      ),      "max_num" =&gt; 2,      "offset" =&gt; 0,      "fields" =&gt; "name,description",      "order_by" =&gt; "name:DESC",      "favorites" =&gt; false,      "my_items" =&gt; false,  );    I can make assumptions about each item in the above array, but Is there documentation explicitly stating what each are for?    max_num, offset, fields, order_by, favorites, my_items item in the array?
  which are required?  are their other items I can send over?    Is there a link i'm missing that explains all of this?    Again, thanks for any help