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What are your Sugar 7 Record View customization use cases?

Question asked by Matt Marum Employee on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by EvilPeri EvilPeri

Hey Sugar 7 Developers!

I wanted to make sure the community is aware of our planned refactor of the Sugar 7 Record view in Sugar 7.8.  The main point of the refactor is to move the Record view header pane out of the scrollable DIV that it is inside today.

For some more of the technical details, check out the related post on the Sugar Developer blog.

Sugar Engineering needs to make sure we understand all of your Record view customization use cases so that we can be prepared to make you prepared.

I've collected some of the common Record view customization use cases that I know about below.  

  1. Adding custom field validation (such as validation tasks) to Record view (Example from Sugar Developer Guide)

  2. Adding buttons to Record view including overriding view controller to implement a custom action (Example from Sugar Developer Guide)

  3. Adding event listeners to Record context or layout (Example from Sugar Developer Guide)

  4. Adding metadata customizations such as new custom fields, panels, or Sugar Logic dependencies (Via StudioExtensions framework, or custom directory)

  5. Adding custom views to Record layout (Example from Sugar Developer Blog)

Are we missing your use case?  Please post your thoughts into this Sugar Community thread or send them to We will also have Sugar Engineers on hand to discuss this topic at UnCon at SugarCon.