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link field in dashlet to relate it with Cases Module

Question asked by Yasir Arsalan shaikh on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by Yasir Arsalan shaikh
Hi All,

I have created a ref_num_c custom field in Cases module from Studio in Sugar 6.5.20. As you know in Cases module on List view, the link is shown on subject field to open the DetailView. I didn't need subject field at all and therefore i hid it using studio and to make ref_num_c field as link I changed thecustom/modules/cases/metadata/listviewdefs.php and added a parameter in ref_num_c field array i.e. 'link' => true. This successfully showed ref_num_c as type link which takes it to the detail view of the case when I click it. But when i want to do this in MyOpenCases dashlet by changing the file custom/modules/cases/metadata/dashletviewdefs.php  and adding the same parameter 'link' => true in ref_num_c arrayit doesn't do anything at all. Following is the changed code for dashletviewdefs.php

  'ref_num_c' =>   array (
    'type' => 'varchar',                // tried the value here as 'relate' but no joy.
    'link' => true, 
    'default' => true,
    'label' => 'LBL_REF_NUM',
    'width' => '10%',
    'name' => 'ref_num_c',

I also changed type parameter to 'relate' but it didn't help. When I changed it to 'relate' I also tried with some more parameters like 'module' => 'cases' ,  'action' => 'DetailView'. But nothing worked. To further drill down, I added the ref_num_c field incustom/modules/Cases/Dashlets/MyCasesDashlet/  and changed the path to custom/modules/Cases/Dashlets/MyCasesDashlet/ (same as above) in the file custom/modules/Cases/Dashlets/MyCasesDashlet/MyCasesDashlet.php . This also didn't help.

Can anyone please tell me how to make the ref_num_c field as link in dashlet so that when I click it , it takes me to the CaseDetailView?