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How do I create a report that shows me the status of a campaign target and supression list?

Question asked by Scott Scott on Apr 5, 2015
 SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 1006)

I have an email campaign to members where I need them all to respond. So after a few days I expect everyone to have accepted or rejected our proposal by going to the  website form referenced in the email. I want to set something related to the target list contact/account and the campaign to indicate their vote. Once they voted I would like to automatically add them to a suppression list and send another email. I would keep doing this until we get a response from all members.

We would also like to run a report to see who has responded and how they have responded.

So my two questions are:
How can track within the campaign how people have responded and how can I use reports to print a list of positive and negative respondents? In other word what is the relationship between campaigns and the target list data?