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Add Team to record (Not replace) using workflow

Question asked by Muhammad Shaji Uddin on Apr 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Muhammad Shaji Uddin
Hi All,

I have below 2 users having separate single default teams

1. Admin (Global Team)
2. User1 (Central Team)

Under Accounts module I have a dropdown field "Region" values: (Central, Western)

Teams: Global Team, Central Team, Western Team

As a admin every new record's default/primaryTeam is "Global". This is clear.

now as a admin if I create/edit Account and I selected "Region" is equal to "Central" than "Central Team" should add and show with "Global Team". It means "Central Team" should be add not replace

I need to done it by workflow only. Any help will be highly appreciable