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Work flow not working after time elapse

Question asked by Offshore Evolution on Apr 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2016 by Liam Hastings
I am using Sugar onDemand
I wants to send email and update field after expiration date passed from one day.

For this I have created workflow :

Execution occurs :After time elapses 
Applies to: New and Existing Records 
Status: Active
Target Module: Opportunity
Process Order: Alerts then Actions
Applies to: New and Updated Records.

Conditions :
When Expiration Date: was more than '1 day' ago(For after 1 day)

I have set custom email template and recipient as Assigned User also.

But if time elapse workflow is not woking Not sending email and Not update field.

I checked that Two fields in the same module can have no identical or similar labels. 

Please suggest.