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How can you customize a field on an individual record in the list view in Sugar 7.5?

Question asked by Keith Neuendorff on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by varun_gupta34
I am trying to change the main view for a module in Sugar 7 so that when I hover over a field in one of the record rows I can create/display information from that record.  In putting this in place, I need to know which view I should extend to be able to get data for and manipulate the display of the individual record rows.

The rows are defined in the list view for a module.  In the past we had been able to manipulate the recordList view to changes the buttons on each of these rows, but the actual data rows are contained in the list view and are not contained in recordList view.  Is there an extended view (that is based off of the list view) that I can add Javascript to to set the hover behaviors?