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Opportunity status bug?

Question asked by MarkoT MarkoT on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Igor Stamatovski
I am on SugarCRM Enterprise, Version, On Demand.

I'm trying to create workflow on Opportunity, with action to change the status to "Close Lost", if the Opportunity has been inactive for long time.
With success I'm changing the stages to "Closed Lost" on all the RLI(Revenue Line Items), but the status on the Opportunity doesn't change to "Closed Lost", it stays on "In Progress"

I'm little confused, because Im new on Sugar: Am I missing something else to close, besides the RLI to change the Opportunity Status?
But when I manually change the stages on all RLIs to "Closed Lost" the status on the Opportunity successfully changes to "Closed Lost".
So I guess that I'm not missing anything, and that this is a bug with the workflow.

Some steps of the workflow:

Execution occurs: After time elapses
Target module: Opportunity

Field does not change for a specified amount of time:
Date Modified 

Update field(s) in a related Revenue Line Item
 Set Sales Stage as Closed Lost