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Importing PDF into PDF Manager

Question asked by Jeff C on Apr 1, 2015
I've got some PDF forums that I want to use as the base for PDF Templates.  What are my options?

Is it possible to use the blank pre-existing PDF as a background image and then just create tables to line the fields up on the appropriate part of the form?

Or is it more feasible to convert the PDF forms to Word and then to HTML?  The problem is some of the forms are official documents so they have to look virtually identical to the orignal PDFs.  

I know WebMerge integrated with SugarCRM but I want to create the PDFs locally, and eventually, through custom coding, have them automatically added to associated documents for the Account/Case.

I'm afraif maybe the only route is a completely custom solution using some sort of PDF merge library for PHP and just add a drop down on the Documents creation screen to select which PDF you want to create.