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Anything is possible, right? Leads into Sugar

Question asked by Laura Walker on Mar 31, 2015
I've been researching this for the past week.  We're using Sugar v7.5.  We attend many trade shows and spend a lot of money on renting lead retrieval tools while at these shows.  We have a huge show coming up in July, where the badges the attendees will be wearing will have QR codes.  Now, I know there are many apps available to be able to scan QR codes.  The vendor at the show even offers one, however, it loads the info onto their cloud, where after the show, we download and import as a .csv file.  I would LOVE to be able to scan the badge via my phone or tablet (android) and it automatically go into Sugar.  With that being said, the vendor offers a "developers kit" which basically gives us the code for whichever app I can find to read the badges for this show along with a test badge.  

So.. I'm really looking for 2 things.

An nice QR app


integration with said app to sugar.  

Anyone have any suggestions?