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customize search fields in sugarcrm ce 6.5.x

Question asked by naren sugar on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by Alpesh Savaliya

I have a requirement in basic search/advanced search of a module.its about customizing search query.
ex: let say two fields one is "more_info" its a varchar field and filed2 is another text filed. and these will be showing in basic search layout/advanced search layout.
if an user enter some text("100cm,red,10$") in this(more_info) field. here " , "  need to work like "OR" in where clause of the query. and text for filed2 is "lg"

then the query need to work like: SELECT filed1, field2, more_info FROM table_name WHERE more_info=100cm OR more_info=red OR more_info=10$ and  filed2 like "lg%" and deleted=0

can you guide me how to do this.