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Missing descriptions in Calls.

Question asked by on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by JoãoCarlosMoreno
SugarCRM Version 7.5 

HELP!  We're occasionally missing description information in our Call History.  It occured again yesterday and was found today.  I had a very detailed phone call with a new prospect.  I entered the details of the call (notes, follow up details, next steps, etc.) and planned the call for today.  When I opened the call (which was created), the description (all of my details keyed manually) is missing!  I checked history of all of my calls with that client and the description notes are NON-EXISTENT!  This has happened in the past (occasionally) to me and some of my employees.  Any insight or comparable experiences would be appreciated.  I want to make certain that it's not "just me".