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New install went wrong...

Question asked by GBC GBC on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by GBC GBC

I have just attempted a fresh install of Sugar CRM 6.5.20 CE  on WAMP(apache2.4.12, mysql5.6.17, php5.6.6 & as OS WinServer2008 x64). The  installation went horribly wrong from the start; when the wizard's first screen kicked in, the install started throwing immediately  bunch of php notifications on the page e.g.: Strict Standards... || Deprecated... .  I decided to carry on with the install and see what will happen at the end,, I  eventually end up with more errors in random php files and places than actually reaching the admin panel log in screen (kind of expected)... I captured my journey and was hoping someone  will be able to shed some light on it?... Please note, we are successfully running  number of web applications off this host so no issues there. Thx.