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Newbie question.  Adding custom fields programmatically

Question asked by markhughes markhughes on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by M Waleed Raza
We are new to SugarCRM so this is a very basic question.  We are trying to add custom fields to the Accounts module, we want to do this programmatically.  The article at:

seems to tell us what to do but there is no indication of where to install the file and how to run or action it.  We would like to think it lives somewhere under custom/ but placing it there and running it directly tells us that the 'Is Not A Valid Entry Point'.  OK, there are restrictions on where you can run stuff from - that's a good thing, but how do you run this and add the fields to your Module?? I'm guessing there is some function in the admin tool but so far no joy.

Very frustrating.  Hopefully someone out there can give us a steer in the right direction!