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Export Checkbox as 0 or 1 and not as Yes or No

Question asked by Florian Schmid on Mar 25, 2015
We would like to export contacts over the report section of SugarCRM, modify them in Excel and reimport them later.

Some values are stored in checkboxes. In the csv the values of the checkbox are "Yes" or "No", depending if it's ticked or not.

During import Sugar throws an error, because for checkboxes the values "1" or "0" are expected.

Now my question:

Ist there an option to:

a) export the data of checkboxes as "1" or "0" ?
b) or: make sugar accept "Yes" or "No" as well?

We are using Sugar 7.5.1 and the installation is hosted by someone else - so we can't modify php files.

Thank you for your help