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importing only works in "developer mode" (cache problem?)

Question asked by christian.flamm christian.flamm on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by christian.flamm christian.flamm

when I try to import contacts using  a CSV file I receive the following log messages
NOTICE: [8] Undefined index: Task on line 6381 in file /var/www/html/SugarPro-Full-6.5.15/data/SugarBean.php
WARNING: [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() on line 6381 in file /var/www/html/SugarPro-Full-6.5.15/data/SugarBean.php
for each contact and none of these contacts will be imported. But - If I enable "Developer Mode" it works just fine.

Now my questions are:
- What does the developer mode "fix" here? Maybe some stale cache information?
- If so, how can I safely empty the cache directory?

Thanks and best regards,
Christian (Sugar Professional 6.5.17)