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Versions / Functionality / Shared Hosting on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Question asked by Bob Herman - Tropolis Group on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Alpesh Savaliya

I'm a newbie and greatly appreciate any input:

1. The CE download link sent me to ver. 6.5.2 but it looks like vers. 7.0 is talked about in the forum.  Is vers. 7 beta, or is there a "special" link to get it?  

2. In general, is CE similar to Professional, or other edition, or is it significantly lacking in functionality compared to the commercial editions?

3. Does CE have addons/extensions similar to WordPress and Magento?

4. Do any of the mobile apps work with CE or does CE have a mobile theme out of box so it will load on phone browsers in a functional manner?

5. Can I run CE on shared hosting like Rackspace Cloud Sites platform/any known gotchas?

Thanks so much!