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Get Post Value from a custom PopUp window

Question asked by Tobias Scholl on Mar 24, 2015

Dear all,
  in the project module, I want to add people from a prospect list to the  project. I have added a custom button in the detail view. The button correctly  opens a popup with all prospect lists (onclick="open_popup(\'ProspectLists\....).


 A click on a prospect list correctly closes  the popup and refreshes the parent window. But how do I catch the POST value or  change the URL of the parent window to get the results via GET?


The code  for the button is:


var button  = $('<a href="javascript:void(0)" type="submit"  onclick="open_popup(\'ProspectLists\',  600,400,\'\',true,true,{\'call_back_function\':\'set_return_and_save_background\',\'form_name\':\'DetailView\',\'field_to_name_array\':{\'id\':\'id\'},  \'passthru_data\'  :{\'child_field\':\'Users\',\'return_url\':\'index.php?module=Project&action=DetailView&action=saveContactList&record=3cb0644f-68de-d292-389f-54d07e0d5e75\',\'link_field_name\':\'users\',\'module_name\':\'Users\',\'refresh_page\':1}},  \'single\', true)";>Add Contact List</a></li>")');


Unfortunately,  there is no documentation on this topic as far as I know.....


I am using  Sugar 6.5.15


Any help is  highly welcome J