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display default on search engine

Question asked by olivier godefroit on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by basedatos basedatos
Hello, since i installed sugarcrm with wamp, the search module get some bugs, actually the code ( html or other) appear on the webpage.. so i can see "$(function() { var $dialog = $(' ') .html(SUGAR.language.get('app_strings', 'LBL_SEARCH_HELP_TEXT')) .dialog({ autoOpen: false, title: SUGAR.language.get('app_strings', 'LBL_HELP'), width: 700 }); $('#filterHelp').click(function() { $dialog.dialog('open'); // prevent the default action, e.g., following a link }); }); " when i looks for search leads or accounts or anything.