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Autofill Relationships on other module? Is this possible?

Question asked by CS CS on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by CS CS
Hello all,

I'm using Community Edition, Version: 6.5.20.  I was wondering if it was possible to relate two modules together and have one module auto-populate date from the other module?

For example, I would like to make a relationship between Contacts and a custom module called Organizations.  So when I enter or edit a Contact, I can have a drop down box to select which company he works for (and the drop down box will auto populate with the names of the companies in the Organization module.  So then when I look at that contact, the company will appear as a link to the company in the organization module.

Then once, this is saved, If I got to the Organizations module, and look at a record for a company, there will be a field for employees that auto populates from the selections made in the previous step.  So, when I select a company from the drop down in the contact edit / enter, this field is where their name will automatically populate.   And have each name link back to that contact's record.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.