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Sugarcrm 7.5 Linux Redhat 7 Installation Issue

Question asked by Phani Phani on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Phani Phani
I am getting file permission error while installing in house SugarCRM Professional  in RedHat 7 environment. Going to the details,

    I have installed LAMP stack, Elastic search, JDK7.0 and all required PHP   libraries for SugarCRM to work. While installing SugarCRM in the   browser it is showing a blank screen. I investigated about this error in   apache error log.
    It is printing the following message "PHP Fatal error:  sugar_file_put_contents_atomic() : fatal rename failure".
    For solving this error i have given,
    1) 777 permissions to work folder ( where i have deployed sugarcrm).
    2) made this work folders user and group to apache( which is the webserver user).
    3) In httpd.conf file i have made AllowOverride All permission to the   directory /var/www/html (in this path my work folder exists).

But the error has not resolved. What else i can check to resolve this error.

I have also tried to install community edition of SugarCRM but it is also stopping at comparability check screen. And showing errors related to cache write permissions. But i have given 777 permission to the entire sugar directory. But no use. It is stopping at that screen itself.

Any support is highly appreciated.