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OpenQuotesAndContracts oqc SugarCRM CE - Can't include custom fields as smarty variables inside text block.

Question asked by skdv_8 skdv_8 on Mar 12, 2015

Hi, I'm currently trying to use a custom field inside a textblock to include it in a contract. According to the Pdf_template_creation document, smarty variables section, "in general, all database fields are available", but I haven't been able to find a way to use a custom field.

For example: Lets assume that I've created inside the "Contacts" module, a field called "group". At first I tried to use something like {{$}}, but it didn't work. I'm not sugar expert but I guess this doesn't work because the contacts table doesn't include a column called group. From what I know, all new columns are created on tables that end with "_cstm", for example "contacts_cstm".

I would like to know if what I'm asking for is somehow possible. If not maybe with some help I could try to implement this feature and off course share it.

My setup: SugarCRM CE 6.5.16, Open QC 2.2RC3

Thanks a lot.