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Creating PDF Reports for SugarCRM CE

Question asked by Chris Hall on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by Yulia Severina
Hi all,

I have been putting a system together with the aid of a developer (I am a Business Analyst with some development experience but not PHP) and we have got to the point of needing to create some reports.

I would like to know how people create PDF reports in SugarCRM CE?

I was thinking that I would like to be able to have reports fire either from a button on the list view (to be added somehow) or put a button on the item record that I want to fire the report from. Or select the record in list view and add something to the drop down that we get from the Delete button i.e. add to the list Mass Update, Merge, Export - Report Name 1, Report Name 2....something like that.

I am interested to know how other people do PDF reports in CE in general?  Do  you use custom code? Do you use a plug-in?

Many thanks and all the best,