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Pop-up a Contact or Customer Form Using a URL

Question asked by Absaar Javed on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Rachel Brink
I have following use-case using which I want to pop-up a Contact/Customer Form of Sugar CRM from a 3rd party web application:
- A call is received in a 3rd Party Computer Telephony Web Application
- The Number of the caller is retrieved from that application
Now what I need is following:
- Using the Caller's number I need to find the Contact/Customer saved in the CRM with this phone number i.e. retrieve the corresponding record id.
- Using that record id, I want to compose a URL to that particular Contact/Customer
- Open that URL in a new tab/window of the browser.

Kindly provide some info on the possibility of retrieving Record ID pragmatically, and than using that Record ID to pop-up the corresponding record.