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Question asked by Robert Reiber on Mar 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Robert Reiber

we have an account with multiple locations. there are some things that are common between the locations (some notes, some cases, some opportunities) but not everything. of course each location has a separate address, phone number, etc. ideally i would like to be able to link the various accounts or create a master account that points at all the location accounts. i am looking for any suggestions on the best way to approach this. we use sugar professional on demand.

i have figured out that i can do most of what i want to do by creating a many to many relationship between accounts and displaying this in a subpanel. the "members Organization ID" subpanel has a one to many relationships that does not work for us. however i could not modify the relationship for that subpanel so i created a new one. now i need to get rid of the members organization id subpanel under accounts. i can find any way to hide it or remove it. help!