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Multiple drop downs for states/provinces (multiple countries), or only one...?

Question asked by Leo Branch on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Leo Branch
Hello everyone,

Working with my Sandbox of SugarCRM 7.5

Now we are trying to automate our system as much as possible.  One thing we want to do is build drop downs for countries, provinces/states.

I have created a "country" drop down list and I know that I can create a separate drop down for the provinces/sates, and have the list show up differently depending on the chosen country.

Now my question for you is...  Do I create separate drop down list for each of the countries, to list their provinces/states, or do I only create one drop down and stuff all the countries' provinces/stats in it....  Seems to be feasible both way... but I want to make sure to do it in an efficient way, and in a way that people will be able to search by province/states... efficiently..