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cancel a before_relationship_add logic hook

Question asked by Asaf Army on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Asaf Army
When i press "select" in a subpanel and a before_relationship_add is called, i want to cancel the relationship_add logic_hook and that the record i chose from the Popup list won't be added in the subpanel (the relationship will cancel).

how can i cancel a relationship, after it was chosen in the "select" button of the subpanel?

i already know that canceling a save event is just redirecting the page:
SugarApplication::redirect('index.php?module=Contacts&action=EditView&record='  . $bean->id);
but it doesn't work for subpanels.

I'm using Sugarcrm CE 6.5.13.