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get_entry_list using C#

Question asked by Brenda Quintero on Feb 24, 2015
I try to sort module "accounts" by name.

 string [] selectFields = new string[2];
 selectFields[0] = "name";
           var result = sugarClient.get_entry_list(sessionId, "Accounts", "", "'accounts'.'name'", 0, selectFields, null, 100, 0, false);

But the order_by isn't works.

You should get something like:
24/7 CouriersA.D. Importing Company Inc
A.G. Parr PLC
Aim Capital Inc
Air Safety Inc
Airline Maintenance Co
Anytime Air Support Inc
Arts & Crafts Inc
AtoZ Co Ltd
Avery Software Co
B.H. Edwards Inc
Calm Sailing Inc
Chandler Logistics Inc
Dirt Mining Ltd

But I get:
Anytime Air Support IncOverhead & Underfoot Ltd.
Splindle Broadcast Corp.
King Software Inc
NW Capital Corp
First National S/B
Sourthern Realty

I am doing something wrong in the method??

Thnks in Advanced