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Logging doesn't seem to output to sugarcrm.log

Question asked by kean kean on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by kean kean
We are using Sugar Community Edition version 6.2.

Only MysqlManager.php seems to print to sugarcrm.log:
$GLOBALS['log']->info('Query Execution Time:'.$this->query_time);

My own logs in logic hooks and other files, using the same above syntax, do not print anything to the logfile. No idea why.
Logging is turned on and set to "debug" in the admin panel, and config.php  has the right info:

  'log_dir' => '.',
  'log_file' => 'sugarcrm.log',
  'log_memory_usage' => false,
  'logger' =>
  array (
    'level' => 'info',
    'file' =>
    array (
      'ext' => '.log',
      'name' => 'sugarcrm',
      'dateFormat' => '%c',
      'maxSize' => '10MB',
      'maxLogs' => 10,
      'suffix' => '%m_%Y',

What could be wrong?