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Malformed Tracker URL

Question asked by Ross Peetoom on Feb 19, 2015
Using SugarCE 5.0

I create a Tracker URL link for the Apple website (  I add that to my email template for a campaign in the correct way.  In the template HTML this link will look like this:

a href="{apple}">; Default link text.

I send the test campaign and look at the link there and it is correctly formed like the example below.  So far everything is working fine and as expected, if I follow the link it records the click and delivers me to the apple website.


HOWEVER: when users at another specific location add the exact same tracker url in the exact same way (I screen shared and watched them do it twice) something different happens.  In the HTML of the email template the one that they add has a "www." before in the URL.

My One:      a href="{apple}">; Default link text.
Their One:   a href="{apple}">; Default link text.

When the test campaign is sent the tracker URL that they added is not correctly formed

My One:


Their One:  http://www.sugarinstance/crm/{apple}

The "www." that gets added is causing the link not to form correctly on the email that is sent out.  If I manually remove the www. portion in the HTML of the email it will work fine. 

I don't understand however WHY the www. protion of the URL is added when they add the Tracker URL to the template.  ITs somethign that does not happen when I do it from any machine I use.