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Calculate Default Value with Formula and make Editable?

Question asked by KarenV KarenV on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Shijin Krishna
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I'm trying to implement a feature but I'm not sure how or if it's possible.

I have a field: Estimated Revenue that shows up in all tabs of a custom Module. In the final tab, Estimated Revenue becomes Final Revenue.

In Tab 1, the user can put in the value they want and it will populate all the other Estimated Revenues in the other tabs.

In Tab 2, the user sees the value of Estimated Revenue of tab 1 in the Estimated Revenue of tab 2. Essentially, the default value of Estimated Revenue 2 is the value of Estimated Revenue 1. In this tab, the user then has the option to override the default value (which was calculated from tab 1). 

What files do I have to modify and with what code to get this functionality?

My idea is in the php files, where these fields are declared, instead of having the default value be a string or integer, I can put in the formula instead like for calculated fields.