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Replication of SugarCRM CE from server to local laptop - customized field in standard module seems not replicated !

Question asked by Xicor Xicor on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by JoãoCarlosMoreno
Dear all,

I have tried to replicate my SugarCRM CE(6.5.20)  from server to my laptop and met following issue

I have added some customized field in the account module which seems not displayed after replication on my local laptop.
Instead the "standard" account view is displayed.

See below how I have proceed.

- Install SugarCRM for windows with fast Stack package (same Sugar version is used)
- Backup the file from server to laptop with FTP server
- Backup all DB with phpmyadmin
- Modify config.php to match with laptop

//'db_host_name' => 'localhost:3306',
'db_host_name' => '',
'db_name' => 'laptopcrm',

- Copy all the backup FTP files on my laptop folder D:\sugarcrm-6.5.20\apps\sugarcrm\htdocs
- Restore DB  with phpmyadmin
- Lauch SugarCRM and use administrator user account

Then some customization are displayed like some modules are hidden, renamed like on server but for the account module for example, the standard views are displayed !!!
(One point is that I have rename the account module on server)

Any ideas will be welcome!

Do I use the rigth way for duplication from server to laptop?

Thanks in advance for your help