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email templates not working on ipad with ios 8.1.3

Question asked by powerchoice powerchoice on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by cleininger
Using version 6.5.20. When selecting a sugarcrm email template on an iPad Model MD786X/A running iOS 8.1.3 safari (no mobile, just plain web interface), and a template is selected from the list, the confirmation popup appears warning that your contents will be overwritten, and when you select YES, the subject of the email changes to the template's subject, but the body does not change and the popup does not disappear. It does not appear to hang as the popup box still responds and NO can be clicked.

Now, the functionality mentioned  works 100% on a chrome, and safari and firefox on a mac 10.10.2 . It works fine on an iPhone (5S) Model MF358X/A running 8.1.3 of iOS. Other iPads have been reported as not working as well. This appears to be a javascript problem specifically with iPad's accessing sugarcrm.

This is an issue for us as our mobile salesforce can't send standard emails.