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Display multiple fields in one layout location, CRM6.5x Pro

Discussion created by David Huff on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by David Huff
V 6.5x Professional: if you look at the calls edit view, for example, you see in the "status" portion of the page two field shown: status and direction. But when you go to edit the layout, there is no reference to the direction field. Likewise, in Reminders, there are three fields. But on the 'layouts' portion of studio, there's not indication of how all three fields are shown, and on the fields tab, you see nothing unusual about the status and direction fields, for instance.  I need to also add a checkbox onto a field location, how is this done?  This post talks about doing this in 7.x How to design a custom view/field to display two sugar fields at once? but even here it seems quite complicated, am I missing something?