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Error In Workflow.php File

Question asked by Madhusudan Singh on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Rolustech Rolustech
Hi All I am using SugarCRM Enterprise (6.2.4).

I am trying to create two Workflow on Cases Module. After Creating first Workflow and adding alerts and action to It when I test it it works fine, But when I add second workflow and test it, It gives me a Parse error as follows

syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /var/www/html/custom/modules/Cases/workflow/workflow.php online 17

Now when I see line no 17 of the above mentioned path. I found the code of the file have some syntax error as

if(( !(->fetched_row['status'] ==  'Assigned' )) &&  
(isset(->status) && ->status ==  'Assigned')){ 

When I change above code to 

if(( !($focus->fetched_row['status'] ==  'Assigned' )) &&  
(isset($focus->status) && $focus->status ==  'Assigned')){ 

It started working

Can you please suggest me what can I do as CRM administrator can create multiple Workflows.
I know SugarCRM is not supporting 6.2 but if you can provide me any solution will be helpful for me.

Madhusudan Singh